Our History

In 1978 Southeast Louisiana Youth for Christ Inc. was formed with the purpose of reaching youth with the good news of Jesus Christ. For thirty-three years the ministry has been predominantly public school oriented and known primarily as Campus Life. Today the name is TEAM 5:18 and Campus Life is Campus Outreach. The names have changed but the goals remain the same. In recent years the advent of large churches and their investment in youth ministry has targeted those schools very effectively with outreach to the youth of the traditional "nuclear family'. During that same time, Shane O'Hara and Jeff Boren (the staff) had begun to focus on kids falling through the cracks. The ministry expanded to include mentoring for at risk children from father absent homes and programs and mentoring for institutionalized children. These endeavors eventually led us to partnerships with a group of prison and youth ministries that we believe are providing some of the most effective ministry for reaching children and ministering to their families in America. These ministries are all found highlighted on this web site. As our involvement grew with these ministries and our forms of ministry increased "CAMPUS LIFE" no longer seemed an accurate name for all we do. Because what we do either RECONCILES MAN TO GOD, or RECONCILES FATHERS TO THEIR CHILDREN and since one of our primary goals is to mobilize and equip the Body of Christ to accomplish this the name TEAM 5:18 based on 2 Corinthians 5:18 seemed an appropriate umbrella name for our endeavors. Awesome organizations, volunteers, staff, board members, donors, prayer warriors: THIS IS TEAM 5:18 Join the team today! You are needed! You will love it!